portret-landaJulien Landa was born in Rotterdam, Holland in 1947. Up until the age of 35, he seemed to be in search of a quest in life. After many years as a self-employed photographer and some travelling, he returned to his native town, drastically changing his life by taking up a new artistic challenge as a working painter in oils. In his painting he found the fulfilment he had been looking for. In the finished works of Julien Landa, his affinity to the Dutch Masters Rembrandt and Vermeer is clearly evident. His fine still life compositions have a fascinating vividness and are distinctively individual. He has created and perfected his own style with fanaticism and diligence that he became one of the most acclaimed and popular Dutch artists of our era. Julien Landa has a passion for still-lifes that are in great demand even beyond the Dutch borders. He has innate ability to compose serene images placed in complete harmony with each other, together with his distinctive use of blues and yellows. Herein lies his true genius.


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