portret-borghWillem Borgh, born in Rotterdam on June 24, 1925.
As a boy of 13 he knew for sure that he wanted to become an artist. At the age of 16 he started his study at the Royal Academy of Art in Rotterdam, the same institute where a.o. Willem de Kooning, Kees van Dongen, Hendrik Chabot etc. followed their art-training. After the Academy Willem got private lessons from such well-known artists as Marius Richters and Herman Bieling.
Originally Willem Borgh wanted to be a sculptor. However, having to make drawings for the sculptures, he decided to also make paintings. His sculptures are made of wood, ceramics, stone and bronze. In 1946 Willem had to join the Dutch Army and he completed this service after 3,5 years. Then his father obliged him to work for his company, a big laundry in Rotterdam. At the same time he was busy painting and making sculptures. Willem Borgh had many commissions from Official Bodies and Cultural Institutions for his paintings and sculptures, including a wall painting in the Football Stadium of Feyenoord in Rotterdam. He had many shows in Holland
and his works were sold in several countries, incl. the U.S.A. through Gouda J Art Gallery at the ARTEXPO in New Vork. The most striking aspects of the works of Willem Borgh are the colours and the sense of humor in his paintings and sculptures. Free of complications, his work embodies natural themes based on events such as: Churchgoers The Funeral of the Spirit Bottle

Street Muscians

The Blind and the Cripple

Draughtsmanship also in his still lifes, landscapes and not to forget his nudes which could have been made by Modigliani.